Flamingo Ink


Flamingo Ink


People who hold Flamingo in their hearts are good at rising back up after a fall from grace. They blaze into new glory after every stumbling point. Which is something truly admirable about their natures.
The Flamingo as a guidance totem is a Heart Healer, meaning it is a good filter to help discern what is poisonous in your life and what can heal your wounds. Many people bring flamingo into their life to come back from devastation. Those who have Flamingo in their heart are also good at this but in a subtle way, they help you see the ridiculous or unnecessary and help you focus on what could help you grow. This is a natural talent that they don’t even sometimes understand. You truly are wonderful to be around when you need to heal.

10% of the sales of this ink will benefit the Breast Cancer Cure organisation.

Funds raised for Breast Cancer Cure are allocated to only the most outstanding and visionary research and researchers in New Zealand – their sole criteria being knowledge and breakthroughs in both clinical and genetic research that moves them closer towards a CURE and a future free of the fear of breast cancer for New Zealand women, and to protect the next generation of young girls from what their mothers and grandmothers are going through today.

– 2 flamingos
– Rose Gold, Fluro Pink
– Good Vibes
Caution: You may become a vanishINK addict
Designed and sealed In New Zealand

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